SPX Center Control Pallet Truck

SPX Center Control Pallet Truck

Rated at 6,000 – 8,000 lbs.


Applications: Manufacturing, Grocery Warehouse Operations


Exceptional operator comfort and control … a capacity of up to 8,000 lbs … longer run times from every battery charge … ease of maintenance and unmatched reliability that comes standard on UniCarriers forklifts — it’s what makes the SPX the right pick for your picking operation.

    • With our push design lift linkage, the solid steel tie rods never extend beyond the plane of the fork, improving ground clearance, preventing possible damage and reducing maintenance costs
    • Easily operates in wet, cold environments and coolers and freezers down to -20° F (-28.9° C)
    • Hall Effect sensors offer simplified maintenance and are protected against dirt and condensation
    • Smart electric brake system uses regenerative motor torque to reduce component wear and extend life 
    • Articulating axle raises loads while keeping the operator and battery at a consistent level reducing battery drain, while making entry and exit easier for operators
    • Tugger control handle provides superior operator control while standing 
    • 5-point stance offers better stability over a variety of surfaces
    • Exclusive frame articulation designed with a 5-point stance for easy travel over dock plates and consistent step height for operators
    • 5.2 HP brushless AC drive motor
    • Integrated side-tracker to assist in "picking" operations
    • Adjustable steerhead
    • Cushioned platform mat; Padded front wall and backrest
    • Heavy duty steel hood and large front bumper
    • Programmable speed settings
    • 96" forks with 50" load backrest
    • Electronic brake system; Push button parking brake
    • Environmental protection for operation in coolers, wet rooms, and freezers down to -20°F (-28.9°C)
    • Optional equipment includes multi-function LCD meter panel, battery rollers, convenience tray and more

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