WCX Electric Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker

WCX Electric Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker

Rated at 3,000 – 4,000 lbs.


Applications: Economical solution for load transfer/stacking and trailer loading & unloading; Ideal for short travel distances


Capacities of up to 2 tons… lift heights up to 18 feet… fluid, virtually effortless maneuverability — all of the performance you’re looking for comes together in a counterbalanced stacker that’s intuitive to operate, easy to maintain and economical to purchase: The WCX by UniCarriers.

The counterbalanced WCX is a workhorse built to handle heavier loads, reach higher heights and do the job of larger, more expensive trucks. All of which make the WCX the right choice for manufacturing and other demanding applications.

    • Hall Effect speed and acceleration control simplifies maintenance and limits downtime
    • Innovative design allows digital communication between all operational controls on the steer handle and the truck’s controller, sending multiple signals through the same wire
    • 190° steering arc, ball-bearing steering mechanism, large steering control head, and spring-loaded handle allow easy navigation in the tightest spaces
    • In place of bulky connectors and complex wiring, CAN System uses just four wires in the controller head for greater dependability
    • Heavy-duty AC drive motor with DC pump motor
    • Electronic traction and pump motor control
    • Power unit components from WPX Series
    • Mast components from SCX Series
    • Bolt-on mast for simplified servicing or swapping parts
    • Reduced travel speed at higher lift heights

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